How do I report a visit to a clergyman?

Home visits are often a great opportunity for direct talks about faith. If you need spiritual support or just talk to the clergyman or come to the rectory (ul. Graveyard 3a).

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Letter of the Apostle Paul to Galatians 6.2


Sick persons, or those who, for various reasons, are unable to reach and participate in the service, and wish to join the Sacrament of the table of the Lord may ask for so-called domestic communion. Then the clergyman goes to the address indicated and carries out a short domestic confessor-communion devotion, in which all the household can also participate. During the clerical visit, care must be taken to ensure that the devotion can take place in a suitable atmosphere and insanity during a pastoral conversation, if someone from the household asks for such a conversation before or after the church.

We report home Communion in the law firm or directly with the clergyman. Please prepare your exact address and leave your phone back, it will make it easier to reach the place and clarify the time of the meeting.

Certainly, you should not be embarrained and report the need for a pastoral visit, especially when the situation is urgent, for example. When someone dies or is in a hospital and wants to participate in communion. If one wishes to make a sacrifice for the church, it can always do so in the parish office. We do not charge for the sacrament of Holy Communion.

A sudden urgent call to the hospital is to be reported directly to the clergyman. Communion is granted to people who are conscious and conscious. In the event that a person is unconscious, the cleric gives the blessing and gives the appropriate prayer.

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