How do I report baptism and the blessing of a child?

You may wonder what formalities must be done to baptize your child. We answer frequently asked questions.

When do baptites take place in the parish?
Baptism takes place during the devotion, after reading the biblical texts, and before the profession of faith.

What documents should I submit?
The most important document is the child's birth certificate issued by the Office of civil status. On the basis of the child's data is entered into the parish card.

Do you need your child's parents ' data?
No, if they are our parishiers. If a parent is outside the parish, it should provide basic details (name, surname, address, profession).

Do you need the godparents ' data?
As with the child's parents.

What if the godparents do not belong to our parish (belong to another or are different religions)?
If the godparents are not our parishiers, they must provide the parish office with a certificate of baptism (copy of the Act of baptism) or confirmation (e.g., testimony). If they are not evangelists, they must present a similar certificate (baptism or First Communion) from their parish.

Is there a preparation in the parish before baptism? 
Yes, in the parish office, after establishing the deadline, a pre-godfather meeting for parents and godparents is held.

What happens at such meetings?
Parents and godparents are informed about the importance of the sacrament of Baptism and the scope of their duties before God for education in the Christian spirit.

Is it compulsory to attend a meeting?
Participation in the meeting is as advisable as possible.

How do I report the blessing of a one year child?

And they brought children to him to touch them, but the disciples were gromili them. When Jesus saw it, he was outraged and said unto them, let the suffer come unto me, and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, whoever does not accept the Kingdom of God as a child will not enter into it.
And he took them in his arms, and he blessed, putting his hands on them.

The Gospel of Mark 10,13-16

One year in the life of a baby is a lot. It is best to know the parents. It's continuous learning, guessing and caring for your child's safety.

One course is also the joy of the entire parish community. Therefore, together with the parents, we want to enjoy the surviving first year of their child. Thanking you for grace and asking for further blessing.

The blessing of the one-year child takes place during the service (after the profession of faith). However, it is necessary to report such a fact at the parish office at least one week in advance and to make an appointment with the clergyman.

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