How do I report a funeral and memory to a deceased person?

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,
That everyone who believes is not killed, but has eternal life.
John 3.16

After receiving the death certificate, go to the Parish office (UL. Graveyard 3a). It is best to also make an appointment with the clergyman for the meeting. During the meeting, a funeral date will be established and the ceremony discussed. A summary of the death certificate should be brought and the data of the deceased must be prepared. You must also provide a death card. It is also good to have a few words about a deceased person (important exes from the resume, whom the deceased has left, etc.).

How do I report a memory to a deceased person?

Peace I leave you, my peace I give you; Not as the world gives, I give you.
Let your heart not be poisoned and let it not be afraid.

John 14.27

The Lutheran tradition is to commemorating their loved ones. This is the case during the devotion. The clergyman reads the personalia of the deceased person, and then transmits a few words of consolation based on the word of God to the family of the deceased person and in universal prayer thanks for the life of the deceased, in which he also asks God for peace and blessing for Family of the deceased. The "Memory" is usually announced about Six weeks after the funeral and the first anniversary of his death. Each successive memories at the discretion of the family. Please report "Memories" at least one week before the church in your parish office.

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