How to conclude a church wedding?

The bride and groom wonder sometimes what formalities must be done, that the happiest day in life can be held in the Church of St. Peter. John.

When should I determine the date and time of the wedding?
Determining the date and time of the wedding is the first thing you should report to the parish office. The bride and groom together with the clergyman determine the date and time of the wedding.

What "civil" documents should I submit?
1. Church Wedding (wedding in the Office of Civil Status was held earlier):
– Copy of the marriage certificate from USC
2. Wedding Ceremony (wedding only in the church with the consequences of civil-legal):
– The Documents (3) necessary for the marriage to be received in the Office of Civil Status issued on the basis of current birth certificates. The prospective spouses must face the USC in person to receive them. Documents are valid for 3 months. They must then be delivered to the parish office. On their basis and on the basis of parish records are written data of the Lord and the Bride. On the day of the wedding, the young and the witnesses are signed on all three copies. One of these documents will be given immediately on the day of the wedding. The other two remain in the parish. Then one copy is transferred (up to 5 days) to USC, and one is in the parish.
On this basis, USC issues a copy of the marriage certificate.

 What "church" documents should I submit?
– Short copies of the baptismal Act (irrespective of religion).

Do you need witnesses ' data?
So. Each party must have one full-time witness. In addition to the name, the exact address of the residence is also required. Pay attention to whether the witness does not use a double name (preferably provide a photocopy of the identity card).

Must the witness be a gospel?
Not. In the case of a concórdated wedding, the parish adopts the same rules as for witnesses as USC.

What if a young couple is not part of our parish (belong to another, or one of them is another religion)?
If one of the brides is not our parish, but is a gospel from another parish, after the wedding, his native parish receives a copy of the marriage certificate in order to apply changes to his records.
If one of the brides is not an evangelical creed, also after the wedding is sent back the copy of the marriage certificate to his mother parish.
The bride and groom at the time of writing their data in the parish must also specify the address of the residence after the wedding, and therefore belonging to the parish.

What about the announcements?
Announcements in the parish are held during the church's pre-wedding service. If a fiance outside the parish wishes to announce announcements in his/her parish, this must be reported during the data census (parishes will agree with each other).

Duties after marriage.
Participation in the life of the Church, prayer, Christian upbringing of children, ecclesial contributions.

Are there preparations for the wedding in the parish? 
So. The clergyman appointment.

What happens at the meetings with the priest?
During the meeting with the clergyman discusses the aspects of marriage and the consequences of the civil-legal wedding. The clergyman fixes the details of the wedding ceremony with the bride.

Preparation of the Church – flowers, music binding, etc.
The décor of the Church (additional flowers) The young couple prepares themselves. To this end, he contacts the church. On special request, the organist will play selected songs.

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