How do I join the church?

Most members of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church (Lutheran) become them through baptism. If one is baptized in another Christian church and wants to change the way of professing his faith (not religion!) on the Lutheran it participates in a celebration called conversion.
In our Pariis, conversion is preceded by preparation time. It lasts about a year and consists in learning about the church by attending services and meetings, as well as conversations with the parish priest and learning the church through appropriate literature. The person who wishes to become the gospel should take this decision after profound reflection and prayer.
Formally, to carry out the conversion you must be an adult and deliver the witness of your baptism.

This is a change of religion within Christianity. This is not how often it is adopted, the change of religion. The person who modifies the creed is the converted. Conversion is a celebration, where during the service, the convertor professes his faith and swears fidelity to God and vows faithfulness to the biblical doctrine of the Lutheran Church.

How do I pay for my parish contributions?

Church contributions can be paid in the parish office, or sent to the parish account number with a donation – ecclesial contribution:

IBAN No.: EN 96 1020 5040 0000 6602 0063 8148

Here is an excerpt from the parish rules on the rules for the payment of ecclesial contributions. At the same time, we remind you that a full participation, e.g. In the election to the parish council or any voting during parish gatherings have persons who are on the parish list or are members of the parish in formal terms, which also consists of paying a church contribution. Thank you for your regular donation.

ECCLESIAL CONTRIBUTION The parish rules of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in the Republic of Poland GENERAL principles
71. Every member of the parish, who was confirmed and aged 18, is obliged to pay parish contributions. These contributions shall be at least 1% of its income. 2. In justified cases, the parish council may exempt individual parishiers or certain social groups, for example, from this obligation. Students, the unemployed, or families experiencing periodic financial difficulties. The exemption resolution should specify the duration of the exemption.

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