Parish Life

Saint-Petersburg Evangelical parish Joanna in Grudziądz

The life of the parish is realized on many levels. The highlight is and will always be every weekly devotion, which gathers people of different ages. The devotion, which is basically a community event, also offers the participants the strength to follow Christ daily and to persevere in the faith at school, in college or later at work. For this reason, we create not only the community of the word of God, but also the sacrament of the altar. In this particular sacrament it gives us our Lord and Savior to know ourselves and to experience in communion with one another. This devotion is not just a ritual, it is more, if a person wishes to open himself to the message and the word proclaimed.

In addition to Sunday services, various meetings are organized, as well as teaching for the youngest members of the parish. In addition to educational activities, there is also publishing activities in the form of a quarterly magazine titled "Grudziądzki Evangelical Review".

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