Evangelical-Augsburg Parish adminizes part of Cemetery at ul. Cemetery 3a. In the parish there are no books before 1945 years. All information should be sought in the State archives in Toruń or in the State Archives in Berlin. There were several evangelical cemeteries in Grudziądz. Currently only works one at UL. Cemetery 3a. The following material, together with the photographs, was developed on the basis of a lecture by Mr David Schoenwald, delivered at the Church of St. Peter. John during the "Museum Night" (2017).

The oldest Protestant cemetery was located on the current Avenue on 23 January. It was founded in 1661 years. It was located in its territory (2 thousand m2) 11 stately tomers. It was officially closed in 1894, but sporadic burials lasted until 1945. In 1931, the Replaced the garden Cemetery area. Below the plan of the old Protestant cemetery.

Graveyard Chapel which remained until today.

Photo of one of the 11 stately tomers in the old Protestant cemetery.

Cemetery at ul. Paderewski in Tarpnie founded OK. 1870 R. The graveyard Chapel existed there until 1945. Unfortunately, the cemetery is in poor condition. Below the map with the record of the cemetery.

The first change about the cemetery at ul. Behind the pool come from 1868. The cemetery was commonly called "Kuntersztyńskie". Below the situational plan.


Cemetery for the colony of Fijewo at ul. Grunwaldzka, was founded in the early 19th century. Below the cemetery map of 1829

"Evangelical" Military Cemeteries: "Upper" (ul. 18 Pomeranian Uhlans Regiment) and "Dolny" (ul. Zawiszy Black – Non-existent). Below the situational plan.

For a short period of time functioned evangelical cemetery at ul. (The first burial of the 17th century). Below is a picture showing the cemeteries at UL. And the next situational plan.


Cemetery at ul. Jackowski, was formed in the SECOND. In the 19th century, it existed until 1945. Below the situational plan.

Evangelical Cemetery at ul. Waryńskiego 88-90. It was liquidated. 1943 R. Below the situational plan.

Evangelical Cemetery at ul. Kalinkowej, founded OK. 1870, which was finally liquidated in 1978. Below the situational plan.

The Protestant cemetery in the city Park was founded in 1894, enlarged m.in. In 1917. In 1897, the Cemetery Gate preserved to this day.